Last Updated: Friday, 23 March 2018 10:12


Whole school attendance target 96%

Attendance Information for Parents

Our computer-based attendance recording system means we are able to monitor attendance very carefully. Guidelines from the Department for Education and Employment make clear exactly what is 'authorised' absence and what is 'unauthorised' absence.

Only the following can be considered as authorised absence; illness, medical and dental appointments, family bereavements, days of religious observance. Only the school can decide when an absence is authorised.


Weekly Attendance Award - each week, the class with the highest attendance is awarded the school attendance trophy along with a certificate and this is kept on display in the class for the following week.
All children who achieve 100% attendance in a week will receive 5 extra house points. 

This information is is published weekly to the whole school community in our newsletter.
At the end of each long term, pupils, whose attendance is either very good or improved, will be presented with a certificate.

Gold Award       100% attendance
Silver Award       99%  attendance
Bronze Award     98% attendance


The Department for Education and our local authority, NCC, have issued guidelines regarding holiday which are taken in term time.

They have directed all schools in Northamptonshire not to authorise any holidays in term time. All schools have been directed to inform NCC if any pupils are not in school due to a holiday. NNC, guided by the DFE, will be issuing fixed penalty invoices to parents. There will be a fine of £60 per child, payable within 21 days. This will rise to £120 if not paid within 28 days. Fines may also be issued for children with absence rates below 85%.


Please be aware that pupils need to be in school by 8:50am when lessons begin. All year groups and classroom doors are open at 8:45am. Pupils who are late need to report to the main reception where an official late slip will be issued. Please be aware that lateness will affect your child's attendance rates and may incur a fine.

These changes to attendance in school are as a result of the DFE - they are not changes that our school has devised, however we must adhere to them.