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Headteacher's Blog

It's been a busy term!

It seems that we returned after Christmas, blinked and now find ourselves at the February holiday! It certainly passed by very quickly. Perhaps the time passed so swiftly because we were so busy and having so much fun. 

Right back, at the start of January, we held our first Careers Week. The KS2 children set up their own companies; taking job personality questionnaires to help them to decide who should have each role in the company. Each company decided what they wanted to produce and set about calculating the costs involved in this process. Products were designed and orders were placed for the materials required to make the products. The children set up factories and production lines and many, many souvenirs were made. Some classes produced advertisements to advertise their products. The children in KS1 visited the shops and 'bought' the souvenirs that the older children had produced. Everyone made a fantastic effort with their 'Dream Job' homework and we really enjoyed looking at their hard work. 

Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1 have been learning about traditional tales. The children in Nursery were very excited to discover the Big Bad Wolf in school one day! Year 1 children sent the Big Bad Wolf to court and held a trial to decide if he was guilty or innocent. Mrs Masters and Mrs Wagg especially enjoyed being invited onto the train that some Nursery children had made to go on a Bear Hunt! We think they also found the Gruffalo!

Each class in the school was given a bird feeder this term and had to find a suitable place in the school grounds for it. The children are responsible for refilling the feeders with seeds and have enjoyed bird-watching in the school grounds. Everyone is desperate to see the green woodpecker (which a few lucky people have seen flying across the playground). So far, we have spotted wood pigeons, blackbirds, robins, sparrows, magpies and finches. One robin often visits the office windows and sits on the window sill, watching us work.

Year 2 children have thoroughly enjoyed studying their theme of 'Titanic'. On their Titanic Day, the children arrived dressed as either first, second or third class passengers. Their costumes were amazing - we're so grateful for your support. They took part in drama activities, as well as calculating how many lifeboats were actually needed on the ship. Year 2 children loved this theme so much, they chose to use it as the theme for their Family Assembly. These Family Assemblies continue to take place at 9:00 on Friday mornings and have remained very popular. We appreciate that you attend in huge numbers to support the children's learning. 

Visitors to the school this term have included firefighters (who brought their fire engine with them), Martin Heath (a radio presenter), the manager of our local Co-op store and Harkarit Singh, who taught the children about the Sikh way of life. Jo Nicholas and the Grace Project workers have been regular visitors to our assemblies, helping us to think about the world around us. 

Early in January, we got the chance to play out in the snow and the children were all very excited by this. Year 1 children built amazing snowmen and the children in Nursery made large and small snowballs. 

Year 3 children have learnt a lot about Stonehenge and loved investigating archaeological evidence. They especially enjoyed reading 'Stig of the Dump'. They really enjoy their music lessons too and even sneak in extra music lessons sometimes. They particularly enjoy singing! Year 4 classes have been learning about catastrophic events, such as volcanoes and earthquakes. They have also enjoyed creating sequences of movements in gymnastics this term. Year 5 have loved their 'Space' theme so much, they've asked if they can carry on learning about Space next term! They enjoyed being inside the visiting planetarium and there were many jealous teachers, all desperate for a peek inside. On the last day of term, they found something in the school grounds and they're convinced it's part of an alien spacecraft. Year 6 children have attended their SATs preparation meeting and are busy working their way through their revision books as homework. In class, they've been learning about Ancient Greek and have really enjoyed reading myths from Ancient Greece and composing the score for a film about Hercules.

Our extra-curricular clubs are in full swing and many children are engaged in a range of different Arts and Sports activities. Callum, our PE apprentice, has worked hard with groups of children across the school and the children love his lessons. Nursery children and parents have ensured that Nursery Art Club is very popular.

Reading fever has continued to sweep the school and this makes us very happy! We've held more Book Fairs this term and we're overwhelmed by how well-supported these are. Mrs Wagg and Mrs Masters especially enjoy ordering new books each time when you've bought all our stock! We're thrilled that you all love reading so much. Our next Book Fair will be held as part of our World Book Day celebrations on March 2nd. 

At the end of term, we said goodbye to Mrs Bostrom, Miss Heritage and Miss Holloway and we wish them every happiness in the future. Mrs Yates also left to begin her 6 month secondment as CEO of InMat, our multi-academy trust. We wish her every success in this role. 

I'm sure that I've missed out lots of fabulous learning experiences and events, but we've had such an exciting term it would be difficult to write about them all! We'll see you all on Monday 20th February to begin a new term filled with even more exciting learning opportunities. Thank you for your continued support.



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