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Headteacher's Blog

We're listening...

Thank you all so much for completing the Parent Surveys during the recent Parents' Evenings. We had 200 completed surveys which is phenomenal!

The overwhelming majority of responses were positive, with 93.5% of responses being 'Strongly agree' or 'Agree'. Only 2.8% of responses were 'Strongly Disagree' or 'Disagree'.

98% of you told us that your children feel happy and safe at the school.

96% of you would recommend our school to another parent.

98% of you feel your child is making good progress at our school and 92% of you feel that we give you enough valuable information about this. The majority of you are also happy with the homework the children receive (92%).

98% of you feel that your child is well looked after at our school and 90% of you feel that we make sure our pupils are well-behaved. 

95% of you feel that the school is well-led and well-managed and 92% of you feel that we respond well to any concerns that you raise. 

We're really pleased with these figures and with the wide range of lovely, positive comments you wrote on your surveys. You listed so many things that you feel we do well.


You know that we're always trying to improve the learning experiences and opportunities we offer every child and so, you know that we'll be focusing on further improving the areas that you suggested we needed to refine. So we've already been busy compiling an action plan to further develop the following areas:

Communication with parents

Many of you felt that we did this well, but others felt that we could improve further; especially with giving you notice of school events. We've already begun to explore all the different ways in which we can communicate with you, to ensure that everyone always receives the information needed. 

We've also begun to think about the range of information events that we offer to parents. We'll be extending the range of these in the coming terms. 

Homework and SATs preparation

Although the majority of you were happy with these areas, some of you have asked us to look at these areas again and so we have compiled a list of actions that we think will improve the homework experience for families. We're giving a great deal of thought to how we help you to support your children in preparation for SATs and will be making changes to our current provision. 

Sports and Extra-Curricular Clubs

Again, many of you were happy with our extra-curricular and sport provision; being especially pleased with the wide range of extra-curricular clubs we offer. However, a few of you gave us some ideas for ways in which we could improve things further and so, we're looking at both of these areas on our action plan.

Behaviour Management

Although 98% of you told us that your child feels happy and safe in school, we received a few comments about instances of inappropriate behaviour and how we deal with these. We've begun to review our procedures and policies and will be working with everyone in our school community to improve this further. We've already worked with the children (during assembly) on how we can all improve our own behaviour around school and on the playground. I'm thrilled to report that the Lunchtime Supervisors immediately reported that children were trying hard to be respectful of others. We will of course, be continuing this work and we'll let you know about it via all our communication channels.

Parents' access to school

Whilst many of you felt that we're readily available to talk to whenever you need to, a few of you expressed some concerns about the timings of some school events. Obviously, we appreciate that different parents prefer different times of the day to communicate with us and so we've already begun to think about how we can offer a wider range of parent /family activities at different times of the day and evening.

We'd like to remind you of how you can make sure that you can speak to a member of staff whenever you need to:

General - you can telephone or call at the Main Office at any time to request an appointment to see a member of staff. We always try our hardest to speak to you on the same day, but when this isn't possible we'll always explain why and offer you the opportunity to speak to another member of our staff team.

Start of day - during the morning drop-off, KS1 and KS2 teachers receive the statutory time (PPA time) required to allow them to plan, prepare and resource lessons and assess your children's performance in school. Our support staff are busy at this time, greeting the children and taking the register. The children have work to complete as soon as they enter the classroom and we appreciate your support in encouraging them to independently begin the school day. Because of this, we kindly ask that you drop the children off at the cloakroom door (the cloakrooms can become very crowded with both parents and children) and communicate with the class teacher through written notes please. If you need to tell us something more urgent, then please telephone or call at the Main Office and we'll ensure that the information is passed on immediately, or that you can talk to another member of staff. 

End of day - This is our 'Open Door' time and teachers are available to talk to you at this time. Because of the wide range of clubs we offer, some staff will be running a club after school on particular days. Please check the clubs timetable for this information. Class teachers also use this time to telephone you if they have any concerns about your child. 

In order to keep our children safe, we cannot unlock the external doors until 3:15pm, so we appreciate you remaining outside until this time. Some of you told us that if classes are not prompt at leaving, it can hinder you collecting other children. We will ensure that lessons will finish in time for the children to leave at 3:15pm. 

In addition to this, myself and Mrs Wagg are always more than happy to talk to you should you need to. Please do not hesitate to contact us via the Main Office, by telephone or by emailing:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are all already enjoying this term and will provide you with regular updates of how we're improving things for you and your children. 

Vicki Masters - Acting Head Teacher


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