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Headteacher's Blog

Always question. Always wonder.

We're half way through British Science Week and it's clear that the children never want it to end! The week started with the staff donning their lab coats and before a single child had entered the building, there was excitement in the air. We thought we were excited about British Science Week but we hadn't predicted the level of awe and wonder we'd see in the children. To say they are excited by Science Week would be an understatement!

The week started with a science assembly, with Mrs Wagg demonstrating sound to the children. The children were already buzzing with excitement by 9:30 on Monday morning. That buzz and excitement hasn't gone away. Practical science activities are taking place everywhere we look. Nursery children have been recreating animal markings by carefully cutting and sticking paper. They all had such fun learning about slime by touching and feeling it and even got the chance to make their own slime and bubbles. Our Twitter/Facebook feed shows that the Nursery children also had an amazing time exploring foam; ending up elbow-deep in it! They have also been making the most of the sunlight by exploring shadows and have been working alongside their friends in Reception to discover what is inside a balloon. Reception children have been super excited while working with balloons and had great fun making their cars move by using balloon-power. Today they very proudly told us that it's 'air' inside the balloon. We were really impressed by the scientific vocabulary our EYFS children are using to explain why the petals on the flowers are changing colour. One of our favourite moments of Science Week so far was when a girl from one of our Reception classes was jumping up and down with excitement, shouting "I'm learning about Science". (Keep reading to find out what's happening in KS1 and KS2).


Year 1 have sorted materials, been out in the school grounds collecting natural materials to make nature crowns and have proudly modelled these for our Twitter / Facebook audience. They have learned all about Albert Einstein and produced some very impressive writing about him. They were helped by the fact that their teachers had dressed up as Einstein (one of them even arrived at Staff Meeting complete with wig and moustache!). The children have been experimenting with different coloured water and have been very carefully measuring their water out. They were amazed at the results of their water investigations. We know that the children in Year 1 don't want Science Week to end, as they tell us at every possible opportunity! 

Year 2 children discovered a volcano on Monday morning and have since made their own volcanoes; investigating how to create more lava and make their volcano erupt for longer. Their faces were delightful when they watched a volcano erupting in their own classroom! Again, we have been really impressed by their use of scientific language. Year 2 children have also been investigating colour and predicted which Skittles would lose their colour first. They had to work out how they had some blue colouring when they hadn't used blue skittles! Linked to their theme work, Year 2 children have also been working out exactly how big dinosaurs were and have been exploring scientific ideas about how the dinosaurs became extinct. Ask them to explain their theories to you.

Year 3 children are learning about life this week and have researched healthy foods. They have also investigated how water is transported around a plant and demonstrated this by being 'human plants'. They've been learning the scientific skill of prediction and especially enjoyed creating superheroes who can make their own food - just like green plants can. (Keep reading to find out what the older children have been learning). 


Year 4 are learning all about electricity this week and have designed their own explorers' torches. They really enjoyed creating electrical circuits and worked hard to make the lightbulbs shine and the buzzers buzz! Their smiles were as bright as the lightbulbs! Year 5 children have been learning about forces this week and have taken part in a range of exciting activities. They used the large parachute to explore air resistance and had great fun making and testing their helicopters. 5SC's classroom became a transport workshop, where the children were identifying the variables they could control to try to make their vehicle move the furthest. They've also been learning about how friction slows down a moving object. 5CC have been learning that sometimes things go wrong for scientists and that investigations often have to be repeated - very valuable knowledge to every scientist. Our three Year 6 classes have been conducting a different experiment each day. They've flipped their learning in 6RD; conducting the experiment during school hours and then using their time at home to find out the scientific theory behind their discoveries. They've really enjoyed sharing this knowledge with each other. They've made 'blood' smoothies and have explored the concept of water displacement. Today they've been investigating chemical reactions and will share their theories about these tomorrow. Also, tomorrow Year 6 children will be working alongside teachers from Parker Eact to explore electricity and particle theory!

It is fabulous to be a part of such an exciting week at The Grange and seeing the children's awe and wonder at their discoveries is the best feeling ever. Everyone is enjoying the buzz of excitement that is obvious in every corner of the school this week. The children's faces are covered in huge smiles and their questions and conversations fill the classrooms, corridors and playgrounds. What an exciting place our school is!

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