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Headteacher's Blog

A sense of community

'Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.'

(Helen Keller)

This week in school, we've been thinking about belonging to a community. 

We helped the community of Daventry to celebrate the Women's Cycle Tour setting off from our town centre. We had a fabulous time, waving our flags and making lots of noise, cheering and chanting. The Daventry Express said we were definitely the most vocal people there! Despite being very excited, we all behaved brilliantly and we had people phoning the school to congratulate us on our excellent behaviour. Special congratulations to our Nursery children, who walked into town and back without a single complaint. Many thanks to all the family members that helped us to supervise the children - without your support, this couldn't have happened. 

 cycle 1 cycle 2cycle 3

We're also making our community safer by learning to scoot sensibly and safely. We've got lots of new scooters and helmets and we've begun our Scooterability lessons. We'll be continuing with this for the remainder of the Summer Term. We're very grateful to Daventry District Council for their grant of £500 to help us with this project. We've also contributed £500 from the money our community raised at the Easter Fete. 

scooterscooter 1scooter 2

Year 6 children have been teaching us all about how our community is a democracy. They've learned what this means and how the democratic electoral system works. This week they've learned about the manifestos of each of the main political parties and decided which they agree with. They've written political speeches to try to persuade their peers to vote for them in the leadership competition. They've spoken at rallies in classrooms across the school and have canvassed support outside our very own polling station. Having encouraged everyone to vote - for the sake of their community - they conducted an exit poll of voters as they left the polling station. Year 6 children made their predictions and were excited about whether their own results would match those nationally. They then compared the results of our election with the national General Election. We are really impressed with how much Year 6 children have learned about democracy in our community.

pollpoll1poll 4

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