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How amazing was Symphony 2017? We chose the name because 'symphony' can be defined as the coming together of a range of harmonious elements. How true this proved to be. 

The Summer Show involves more hard work and needs more energy than anything else during the school year. We have many trials and tribulations: routines being forgotten, elusive costumes and props that simply cannot be found, lost scripts, the annual battle with the running order, erratic volume levels on soundtracks, flickering films, forgotten lines, nerves, dances that start on the wrong foot, the endless checking of the cast list for the programme (we're terrified of missing a child off the list!), costume changes that just can't be fitted into the gap between items..... The list is endless.

Yesterday, we had what was probably the worst rehearsal ever. The run behind the back curtain wasn't clear and took a long time to be cleared. The lights weren't working properly and the photographers initially struggled to take their photographs. Mrs Hunt's images and sounds simply would not work with the projector, despite all her hard work and the fact it was running perfectly on the Macbook. The alternative software was missing and took a long time to re-organise. Staff were unable to communicate with each other without physically running from room to room. 4 floors + 8 flights of stairs + long corridors that run the length of the building = 38 floors climbed and nearly 20,000 steps on my Fitbit yesterday! And I was sitting down watching all afternoon! It was poor Miss Nicholas who was the runner; collecting children and bringing them to the stage - how she does it, we do not know. The gap between pieces was too long and children struggled to get into the wings on time. The troublesome trolls' wigs just would not stay in place. Costumes were wrong, went missing and at 1:45pm, we decided that we had to start again, from the top. We had last minute shopping expeditions into the town centre to replace missing costume items. We sent out an SOS call for clothes pegs and a missing baton. It was 5:15pm before we'd seen the whole show. We (the children and staff) felt, at times, frustrated, tired, dejected and worried that this time, it wouldn't be alright on the night. 

But, in addition to all this, we smiled a lot. We felt happiness that we were, once again, celebrating how fantastic our school is. We enjoyed each others' company; being in a more informal setting and having time to really chat with the children. We marvelled at the resilience of the children, who patiently continued to rehearse despite the technical difficulties. We loved being able to eat together informally, as one large, mixed group - something that is almost impossible in school. We enjoyed the cakes and chocolates that you, our supportive parents, had sent with us to keep us going. We were thrilled to watch our children behaving beautifully - being polite and kind to one another. We loved hearing the praise our children received from the theatre staff, who said they'd never had such a well-behaved school as ours. We joked and played together. We laughed a great deal. We cried tears of pure emotion as the children's pieces moved us. We were all determined to get it right. We hugged and sighed with relief when once again, our amazing children showed one of the reasons why our school is so special. We thought we'd burst with pride when the children ensured that it truly was alright on the night. This morning we were touched when you offered, and did, help us to unload the vans (thank you so much). We became emotional reading your social media comments on what the show means to you. We loved receiving your emails and cards. 

And throughout it all, we all felt one overwhelming emotion - pride; in our amazing children obviously, but in the team spirit that is evident everywhere throughout our entire school community. The Summer Show is a huge team effort and without everyone playing their part in the team, it simply could not happen. Yesterday and today we revelled in the feeling that we are all - children, parents, staff and governors - one big team. Here at The Grange, you are all proving that together we can do so much. 

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