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Headteacher's Blog


Wow! What a Transition Day that was. Everyone was welcomed to their new class and, for the first time ever, we invited parents to be a part of it.

This morning the children settled quickly and calmly into their new classrooms. Reception children settled so quickly, you'd have thought they'd been in our school for years. As I visited each classroom today, I was struck by how hard everyone was working and how much fun they were having.

Year 6 were solving challenging mathematical problems and creating silhouettes. They were also running a relay race that resulted in them sequencing a text. Their teachers were impressed that they rose to every challenge set to them. I was impressed with how they already looked like Year 6 children. They also enjoyed creating selfies for their teacher. 

Year 5 children should be exhausted! They completed a very active 'Minute Maths Challenge' and then practised their athletic skills during a PE lesson. They solved some very complicated maths problems and were excellent at talking about their work.  

Year 4 children spent some time getting to know each other and learned interesting facts about their classmates. Someone in Y4 has a tarantula, someone has snakes and someone met Prince Charles! They then used their fabulous imaginations to decide which animal they would like to be - there were some interesting choices! They also created their passport to Year 4 and we were impressed with their work. 

Year 3 children took part in magical maths with a set of playing cards and were extremely well-behaved when I visited their classrooms. They enjoyed playing at lunchtime with their old friends and their new classmates. 

Year 2 children had great fun with chalk circles and proved they were amazing mathematicians. We were all very impressed with how grown-up they were. They decided that they had instantly turned into Year 2 children overnight and we all agreed with them. 

Year 1 children spent some time getting to know their new teachers; Miss Banks and our new teacher Miss Harrison. They enjoyed listening to and sharing stories and I was very impressed with how beautifully they sat and listened. They enjoyed learning about pirates through lots of fun activities and we were all very impressed at how well they all coped with not being able to use their new classrooms yet. Very grown-up attitudes. 

New Reception children had a whale of a time! They climbed, ran, made sandwiches, painted, built, made dens, made picture frames, found treasure and made music! When parents arrived this afternoon, they had a great time showing their parents all the fun learning activities they'd been involved in. They then enjoyed a shady picnic with their families and new teachers. I'm thinking that they're probably all fast asleep now!

Nursery children had fun in small groups today and also had their parents stay with them. I was very impressed with their ball-rolling skills - especially when they were able to vary the speed with which they rolled the ball. 

We also had some of our existing Year 6 children with us, as they had already completed their transition days in Warwickshire schools. They were amazing - they made paper aeroplanes with Reception children, helped them find their way around, helped out in Year 1, set up the Book Fair and did a fabulous job as ambassadors, guiding parents around the school this afternoon. We were very proud of them. Some of them even managed to sneak into the sandpit and play with spades and diggers! 

Children, parents and school staff had huge, happy smiles on their faces all day. I'm told that the dads who found the mud kitchen were especially happy! We were also happy when Mr Billingham arrived with a second truck full of tyres and a friend who donated three tractor tyres to us. Thank you. Our plans for improving outdoor learning and play for children across the school are really taking shape now - thank you to everyone in the community who has supported us. We're still collecting, so if you think you have anything we'd like; please ask us. I keep taking breaks from blog-writing to check on a couple of boats I'm watching on ebay!

We ended the day with our final Book Fair of the year and I'd like to thank Mrs O'Farrell and Mrs Batten, who have worked tirelessly all year, running each Book Fair we've held. We really appreciate their support. What was especially lovely today was the number of parents who told us that they'd love to volunteer to help out in school next year. We've always got lots of roles for volunteers - on a regular basis or occasionally throughout the year. If you'd like to get involved then please let the office staff know or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We're still looking for volunteers for our PTA which will be formed in September - again, if you're interested, then please let us know. Thank you to those who have already expressed an interest.

The entire staff agreed that today was fabulous - they all still had a spring in their steps this evening. We're hoping that you agree that today was special and we are looking forward to the remaining events this term. Make sure to check tomorrow's Gazette for details. 



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