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Headteacher's Blog

New beginnings

The end of every school year contains a degree of sadness. We say goodbye to children we have seen grow from four year olds, on their first day at school, to the point they are now; ready to set off on their next adventure. We say goodbye to staff too, who leave to begin a new phase in their lives. Each child in school says goodbye to their current teacher, ready to build new relationships and friendships in their next class. We sometimes say goodbye to whole families, who set off to continue making memories somewhere new. 

It is easy to focus on what has been, what is past and now seems to be gone. We all remember the memories we have made during this school year; during our entire time at The Grange School. Those memories are usually happy memories and in remembering, we celebrate all that we, as a community, have achieved. Those memories may be tinged with sadness at leaving, but they are happy memories that will always be with us.

But, this time of year is also filled with hope, with excitement and with enthusiasm for what lies ahead of us. Each child in the school is excited about the opportunities our fabulous school will offer them next year. They may be planning on trying a new extra-curricular club. They may have a target in mind to improve their learning. They may be excited about the new friends they will make. Each adult that is moving on will be dreaming about their future, hoping that it will be as successful as their time here at The Grange. Each family that is moving somewhere new will have their hopes and dreams  for their new future. 

Our Y6 pupils will have many hopes and dreams about their futures. They will be excited about the range of opportunities that will be open to them at secondary school; they will hope to be more independent; they may dream of their future successes. We all hope they will be happy and successful throughout their lives.

So, this time of year is a time of new beginnings. The Grange School has undergone many exciting changes this year and I am certain there will be many more to come. Schools are constantly evolving - we are always trying to improve the range of opportunities we offer; the learning experiences we give to the children and the standards we attain. Now is a time to hope, to dream and to embrace what is still to come.

Everyone here at The Grange School would like to thank you for your support throughout this year and wish you a very relaxing summer holiday. The entire staff is excited about our new beginning in September and we can't wait to welcome you all back, to continue our adventure together. 


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