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Headteacher's Blog

Smiles Everywhere

Welcome back! What a fabulous first few days we've had, back at school. In Nursery, children begin on a staggered start; beginning in small groups on different days, allowing them the time to settle in and really get to know the staff. I was in there today for a music session and the children were smiling and laughing as they played their instruments and sang.

Our new Reception children have settled in brilliantly. They've made us smile by how quickly they've taken to their new setting. They love the new EYFS environment; both indoors and out. There are lots of smiles and laughter as they learn by following their own interests. I saw two boys building their own trim trail from wood and they were beaming as they realised their structure was about to collapse. A valuable science lesson, especially when they worked out how to make it more secure. 

Year 1 children have moved into a new part of the school and now have their own outside learning area too. We'll be developing this further over the coming months, although we've already seen lots of smiles whilst the children have been learning outside. Year 1 children love their soft play area too!

Year 2 children have been beaming everywhere: in the library, in the IT Suite, in their maths lesson and on the playground. They especially love the new boat - which has proved a huge hit with children of all ages. It's lovely to see the children playing creatively at playtime and I've already been taken to Poland, Ireland and Dinosaurland. (Keep reading to find out more).

IMG 1365

Year 3 children have enjoyed starting to learn about the Stone Age. They were full of smiles playing with hoops and scooters on the playground too. They enjoyed it when we took the Lego and Top Trumps cards out to our new Quiet Zone on the playground.

Year 4 children have been superstars and two of them have already visited me and been awarded a golden Head Teacher's Award. They're really enjoying learning about Ancient Egypt.

In Year 5, the children were greeted in classrooms that look like the rainforest. They were certainly smiling when I visited their classrooms and they were using the iPads. This made them very happy. They've enjoyed playing on our newly marked front playground. It's lovely to see the smiles on their faces as they're sharing the new games with their friends from all year groups. It's been lovely to watch the children playing together, all over the school grounds.

Year 6 children came back to classrooms they'd never seen before. We've been busy, thinking about what learning spaces for independent learners should look like. Gone are 30 tables and 30 chairs in each of the year 6 classrooms. In their place are sofas, cushions, rugs, lap trays, comfortable chairs, circular tables and large oval tables for group work. We're still waiting for our standing tables to be delivered - we're sure the children's smiles will be even bigger when they arrive. Year 6 children absolutely love their new classrooms and are responding well to choosing the most effective ways to learn. 

The staff are beaming too! They worked so hard over the summer holidays; making the learning environments, and school grounds, attractive and stimulating for the children. Their reward has been the delight that the children are taking in being back at school. School feels exciting and happy - the smiles from everyone is proof of that. We look forward to welcoming you into school next week - please check the newsletter, Twitter/Facebook feed or Parent calendar for information on meeting times. We can't wait to see your smiles too!

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