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Headteacher's Blog

Our recent Ofsted inspection

We are delighted to be able to share the results of our recent Ofsted inspection with you. Every child will receive a copy of this letter and the full report this afternoon. You can access the full report through the Ofsted website - this will be available from 31/1/18. You’ll be aware that we were visited by one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI), for a short inspection. This was a very successful and positive process, whereby the school maintained its overall effectiveness grade of good. We were particularly pleased that the findings and the outcome of the inspection matched our own evaluation of the school’s current position. The staff described it as ‘exciting’ and ‘energising’.

Over the last two years, the school has experienced a dip in its attainment and progress data. You may have seen the latest league tables (see below). This data represents KS2 results in May 2017 and data from 2016 also fell short of the high standards we set ourselves. We have analysed the reasons for this and we are working tirelessly as a whole school community to improve this. We appreciate the support that you give us and the role you play in this improvement process. If you wish to discuss any of these results or our plans for further improvement, then please do not hesitate to contact me.


The inspection report confirmed what we already know about our school.

The HMI was able to identify areas for improvement within our school, which were in complete agreement with those we had already identified. These areas for improvement are summarised below:

- use assessment information to plan for the needs of all pupils

- develop phonics skills further

- improve the quality of presentation in books

- further develop the role of subject leaders

- continue our staff development programme in EYFS

Since September 2017, these areas have been addressed on our school development plan and we’ve already begun to make progress towards these improvements. It was gratifying that rapid improvements, since September, were recognised in both our Ofsted report and our recent Local Authority School Review.

In  addition to confirming the areas we need to develop further, our inspection also confirmed what we are doing well. Again, these are described in detail in the full report, but again, I’ve summarised these below:


- pupils are enthusiastic about school and are supportive of one another. They are kind and polite and are able to talk about their learning and demonstrate what they have learned.


- parents are very positive about the work of the school and know that we will deal with concerns quickly and effectively. Parents know that their children are happy and safe in school.

- leaders have quickly identified the school’s areas for development and have put a comprehensive plan in place to bring about change

- senior leaders have ensured that subject leaders have taken greater responsibility for their subjects and are now playing a greater role in making improvements


- recent data from 2017 - 2018 indicated that standards are already improving across the school


- the inspector noted that improvements have been made in assessment, which we will continue to develop further


- staff feel well-supported by the senior leadership team and know that professional development is helping them to improve their practice


- safeguarding practices are thorough and robust, with the well-being team having a good understanding of individual cases and pupils’ needs and tenacity in ensuring that our families receive appropriate support


- the quality of provision in EYFS has significantly improved since September 2017


- governors are ambitious, reflective and supportive and are taking an active role in raising standards; challenging senior leaders appropriately


We feel that the process of inspection was just and fair and the outcome was exactly the outcome that we would have chosen for ourselves. The judgements made reflect our own evaluation of the school, its standards and the ethos of our community. The HMI has recommended a full Section 5 inspection within 2 years and we are delighted with this outcome. We look forward to welcoming Ofsted again in the future to show the improvements we have, and will continue, to make.

As the inspection report outlines, the school is undergoing a period of substantial change. The positive impact of some of these changes is evident around school, but other changes will take longer to evidence. Rest assured we are, and will continue to, work tirelessly to bring about these positive changes in order to continue to raise standards across the entire school. Every member of our school community has a vital role to play in that process and I would like to thank you, the staff, governors and our community volunteers for their support, hard work and enthusiasm.

Most importantly of all, I’d like to thank our pupils for the excellent behaviour, hard work and exemplary attitudes towards learning they show each and every day. They are the reason we choose to do our job and we are determined to continue to help them to be the very best they can be.

If you wish to discuss anything with me, at any time, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the school office, telephone or email. Alternatively, stop and chat while I’m out and about at either end of the day.

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