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Only 26% of 10 year olds ‘like reading’!

Shocking isn’t it? Yet, 2014 research from The Reading Agency found that UK children often have less than positive attitudes towards reading. Only 37% of children reported reading for pleasure every day (2011).

So why is reading for pleasure so important?


We want The Grange School to buck this trend. So what have we been doing to make reading cool?

. Our library has had a revamp, making it a much more exciting place to be

. The library is open for reading only, every lunchtime (we’ve created a Quiet Play Room for those who love board games)

. We’ve bought lots and lots of books and have asked the children to tell us what they’d like to see in their library

. Each term, we’re featuring an author and / or a theme and we’re making sure that we have multiple copies of books that will be popular

. We ban books and lock them away in a cage! Once they’re freed, the children are keen to read them. They’ve even been known to break books out of the cage!

. We’re celebrating Book Week with a range of exciting events and activities

. We’ve provided resources to help you to support your child’s reading. You’ll find these in our Parent Resource Area

So, what else can we do and how can you continue to support your child’s reading? 

. Encourage your child to read for pleasure every day - they don’t have to always read aloud

. Talk to your child about their reading. Ask them to describe the setting or to tell you 5 things about the main character

. Visit our school library with your child. You’re welcome to visit between 3:15 and 3:30 (Mon - Thur)

. Visit Daventry library with your child - they’d love to see you

. Volunteer your time to come in and help us to encourage the children to read for pleasure. If you can spare an hour, we’d love for you to spend it with us

. Set a great example - get caught reading. We have a hugely successful staff lending library, where staff swap books regularly. We’ll soon be setting up a lending library for parents

. Join in with the buzz - check Facebook and Twitter regularly and let us know what you think. We currently want you to share the name of your favourite childhood book






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