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It’s about more than just neat books...

Post Ofsted, we’re busy working hard on achieving the improvements that Ofsted have outlined for us. Our School Development Plan contains the following objective: ‘leaders should ensure that teachers have high expectations of pupils’ presentation of their work’. We’re working hard on this. When you’ve visited school lately, you’ll have seen our ‘Turning over a new leaf’ board, which celebrates the successes of individual pupils who are really rising to the challenge of improving the quality of their presentation. If you follow us on social media, you’ll have seen regular posts showing smiling children holding up improved work. We’re proud of how hard the children are working on this. 

Recent monitoring shows that we need to continue to work hard to speed up this improvement in presentation and handwriting standards. We’ll be continuing to focus on this in the coming months. So why is it so important, especially in this age of technology?

. Many studies suggest that the act of writing by hand is good for brain development, 

. More areas of the brain are engaged when writing by hand,

. Research suggests that writing by hand increases the brain’s ability to retain information,

. It takes longer to write, rather than type, which increases the brain’s time to process information,

. Some studies have suggested that students are more imaginative when writing by hand,

. The British education system is generally based around hand-written exams.

We favour a mix of technology and hand-produced work in school and so the teaching of neat handwriting and good presentation is vitally important. Handwriting and presentation aren’t the same thing. Some of us can present work well, even if the handwriting isn’t where it should be yet. Some of us have very neat handwriting, but also have curled page corners, smudges and wonky lines under our dates! We need to work on all these things. 

What can you do to help your child? 

. Encourage them to hold their pen / pencil correctly. The poster below should help. From Tuesday there will be copies of this in our Parent Resource area. please come and take one to use at home. 

. Value what they do and praise them for it 

. Praise any tiny improvements, especially in those children who find this difficult

. Encourage them to practise at home

. Encourage them to show us their work

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