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Headteacher's Blog

'Excellence is not a destination.....

..... it is a journey that never ends.' (Brian Tracy)

You'll remember that we recently shared our priorities for improvement, that had arisen from our own self-evaluation and our Ofsted inspection in January 2018. We're still working hard to make the improvements we need and we'll continue to keep you updated. We're evaluating every aspect of school provision and practice and making lots of positive changes. In order to quality assure the changes we're making, we're working within agreed national frameworks and we're pleased to tell you that we're working towards achieving nationally recognised awards in the following areas:

. Provision for Children with Special Educational Needs (SEND Inclusion Award)

. Parental Engagement (Leading Parent Partnership Award)

. Wellbeing (Wellbeing Award for Schools)

. Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Provision (The National SMSC Quality Mark).

We've chosen to work towards these awards initially, because we believe that we have some good, high-quality provision already in place but, as the quote above shows, improvement is something that we are always working towards. 

The awards process is useful because it starts with a self-evaluation, which allows us to objectively evaluate the quality of the provision we currently offer. This then leads to an action plan, which will inform the changes we need to make in order to improve further. The very end of the initial process is the evaluation of our updated provision and hopefully, the granting of awards. Once the awards are granted, we'll be ensuring that we maintain the standards necessary to hold on to them, as well as identifying some others to work towards! 

It is important that all members of our school community are involved in the improvement process and so you may be approached in the not-too-distant future so that we can gather your views and opinions. If you are particularly interested in any of these areas, and would like to volunteer to be involved, please contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We really appreciate your support and would love to have you involved in improving our fabulous school further. 

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