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Well what a busy week we had before half term! On Tuesday 6th we took part in a swimming gala and came 8th out of 18 schools. A big improvement from 15th out of 18 last year! Then on Thursday 8th we took part in a girls tag rugby festival against other schools in the county. Well done to all involved!

Here's what our athletes have to say.......

Swimming Gala

On 6th February I attended a swimming gala at Daventry Leisure Centre. I was the only year 5 at the swimming gala for our school! The two races I was in were 25m breast-stroke and 100m freestyle relay. Overall there were 18 schools and we came 8th. i felt really proud of myself. The swimming gala was really fun and I'd do it again next year.
By Fern Walters

Tag Rugby

I am really happy I got in the girls tag rugby team because it was fun and I enjoyed it. I also got to meet people from different schools. My favourite part was when we started training. We played games and it was really fun! If you are interested you can join next year!
By Zinaeida Silman Agha

The thing I really liked about tag rugby was at first we could not score any tries but we kept on trying and then scored! I also like playing against each other to see each other's skills. Although we did not get first place, it was still really fun. I was that tired I could hardly stand up afterwards!
By Lyla Morris

The rugby tournament was really tense at first because it was my first time playing. But then I knew how to play. It was really fun and we got 3rd place.
By Zahra Zak

I really liked the competition because even though we didn't get first place, it was still really fun. At the end we got to play fun rugby games with the young leaders.
By Mia Capitana

Upcoming Sporting Events

1st March - Tag Rugby Skills @ Long Buckby Rugby Club 1-4pm
8th March - KS2 Cross Country & Fun Run @ Daventry Sports Park 12-3pm
20th March - Yr3-4 Hockey Skills Festival @ The Parker E-ACT 3:45-6pm

24th April - High5 Netball @ The Parker E-ACT 3:45-6pm

2nd May - KS1 Rugby Fest @ Long Buckby Rugby Club (time TBC)
24th May - Mini-Red Tennis Competitions @ The Parker E-ACT 3:45-6pm
24th May - Badminton Skills Festival @ The Parker E-ACT 3:45-6pm

On Thursday 25th January we took 18 Year 5/6 boys and girls to take part in an athletics competition that was open to schools from all across Northamptonshire. 10 schools attended the competition and we came 4th! The children put their all into their events and we are very proud of their achievements.

Here's what our athletes have to say.....

I was nervous at first because I was the first person to compete. Once I had started the race it was fine and felt good, and we won which was fantastic. The whole experience was brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am very happy I was a part of it.
By Millie Rolt

I thought that the athletics tournament was good because I got to do lots of running and field events and it was fun. I did chest push, triple jump, obstacle relay and the 4x1 relay.
By Reuben Helm

I think the tournaments are fun because we're all a bit competitive with the other schools. My sister comes to the events with some other Year 8s and they help everyone at the competition. They are really kind and supportive and they helped us when we were stuck.
By Lilly-Ella Haynes

When we arrived we started warming up and trying out the events that we were in. There were track events like relays and field events like jumping and throwing. The first race for the girls and boys was the obstacle relay and I took part. We won both the girls and boys relay. It was really fun!
By Lucy Oliver

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