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Year 6 Updates!


We are very happy now that SATs are finished. We have done some fun things since such as going to France and running our own French cafe. In both cases we learnt lots about French culture, especially how the food is different. In France we even tried eating snails. We all had to try to say some things in French.
Last week we ran our own General Election campaign. We found out lots about how the General Election works. We had to find out about the ideas of each party and come to our own opinions about if we agree or not. We went into other classes and tried to persuade others to agree with us then we ran a polling station so everyone could see how the adults do it! I was a fun week.

Year 6 are busy revising for their SATs this term but we are also learning about the body.

We have begun the term looking at the circulatory system. We have learnt how the heart works with the lungs to send oxygen around the body. Some classes have done experiments to show how blood is comprised and other classes have conducted experiments to see if there is a relationship between different exercises and heart beats per minute.

We have also used the iPads to record our homework projects  ready to share with others.

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