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Yesterday evening, (Thursday) 18 Year 5 & 6 children competed in a County Athletics competition. 

We came 4th out of 10 schools!!

We are all very proud of them as I'm sure you will be too. They worked really well as a team and the support they were giving each other was amazing to see!

We have some very talented athletes here!!!

Welcome to our new Sports Blog, the place where you can find out about everything sporty happening at The Grange. At our school we are very enthusiastic about keeping every child active. Coming up throughout the year we have big plans! Keep an eye out for our blog to stay up to date with all things sport!
 Pupil Voice
During my time at Sports Crew, I have learnt a lot about leadership. I have learnt how to lead a group of sports activities and have taught younger students how to play them. I have taught the younger students twice and it's been more fun than words can describe. We teach Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. I am looking forward to opportunities that will come.      Shayley Dunne
Over the past few weeks I have been part of Sports Crew where we have been taught fun games. I have learnt how to warm our bodies using games before teaching other children sports. My favourite game is rats and Rabbits because I enjoy running around. I'm looking forward to encouraging people younger than myself to enjoy sports. Sports keep you fit and healthy. Some people don't enjoy sports and they think it isn't fun. That's where I come in. I will support children to participate and enjoy whatever sport we are doing.   
Crystal Barbour
Sports Tournament Dates
  • Thursday 25.01.18 - Years 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics at Daventry Leisure Centre 2-5pm.
  • Tuesday 06.02.18 - Years 5/6 Swimming Gala at Daventry Leisure Centre 12-3pm
  • Thursday 08.02.18 - Years 4/5/6 Girls Tag Rugby at Daventry Rugby Club 1-4pm
  • Thursday 22.02.18 - Years 2/3/4/5/6 Daventry Sports4All Festival at Daventry Leisure Centre     2-4pm
  • Thursday 01.03.18 (rearranged date) - Years 4/5/6 Tag Rugby Skills at Long Buckby Rugby Club  1-4pm
  • Thursday 08.03.18 - KS2 Cross Country & Fun Run at Daventry Sports Park 12-3pm
  • Tuesday 20.03.18 - Years 3/4 Hockey Skills Festival at The Parker E-ACT 3:45-6pm
  • Tuesday 24.04.18 - Years 5/6 High5 Netball at The Parker E-ACT 3:45-6pm
  • Wednesday 02.05.18 - KS1 Rugby Fest at Long Buckby RFC Time TBC
  • Thursday 24.05.18 - Years 3/4 Mini-Red Tennis Competition at The Parker E-ACT 3:45-6pm
  • Thursday 24.05.18 - Years 3/4 Badminton Skills Festival at The Parker E-ACT 3:45-6pm
  • Thursday 14.06.18 - Years 5/6 Kwik Cricket at The Parker E-ACT 3:45-6pm

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