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Dear Year 6 children,

Next week is unofficially Key Stage 2 SATs week. Because of the pandemic, the Government has said that schools do not have to administer SATs this year. We’re so proud of the way that you’ve worked this year; both in school and at home. We know that, regardless of what was happening with COVID-19, you’ve all been preparing to take these tests during the second week of May. You’ve worked hard to learn the test techniques you thought you’d need. You’ve worked hard to show what you are capable of attaining. You’ve worked hard to show the progress you are making. 

Although things are still very different now, we are slowly getting back to normal. Hopefully, school will soon be as it used to be. When you go to your secondary schools, things should be normal again. Part of that will involve you taking tests throughout the rest of your school career. We know that you aren’t frightened of tests. We know that you understand they are one way of showing what you have achieved in your learning. We know that you relish the opportunity to show what you are capable of achieving. 

So, we think the fair thing is for you to take your tests next week, just as you would have done in a normal year. We think it’s only fair that you have the test results you deserve. We think it’s only fair that you go off to secondary schools with your new teachers knowing what you achieved in your SATs tests. We think it’s only fair that you get this opportunity to show what you have learned, how much progress you have made and just how amazing you all are. 

Like everything we do as part of our learning, these tests are important. Trying your hardest in these tests is the right thing to do because you know that at The Grange, we believe it’s important to try our very best in everything we do. 

But these tests are only a snapshot of you and your time at The Grange. We’ll make sure that we also tell your new teachers all the other fantastic things about you. We’ll tell them of how you were an amazing Year 6 cohort, who astounded us with your resilience. We’ll tell them about your flexibility in coping with all the changes that COVID brought to this year. We’ll tell them about your determination to learn at school and at home, through remote learning. We’ll tell them how you coped with uncertainty. We’ll tell them how you showed kindness, empathy and compassion. We’ll simply tell them how fantastic you all are. 

 These tests, and the results, will not tell us the whole story of you and your time at The Grange. It’s important that you remember that. What they will tell us is important and I know that you’ll all try your very hardest to make sure that you are the very best you can be next week. Be fabulous! You are all shining stars and we are always very proud of you.




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