Basics Wall of Champions

Winners of the Eco Champion award have kept their part of the classroom tidy this term. They have coped well with COVID restrictions and have worked hard to ensure the classroom is COVID-secure. They have encouraged others to do their bit to maintain the evironment. They have volunteered to clean playground toys and often think of ways in which we can improve our environment. Many of them applied to become Eco Changemakers, writing high-quality applications and they are always keen to bring about a change. They don't wait to be asked to tidy the classroom!
The winners of the Healthy Lifestyle Champion award have participated well in PE and Sport in school and have provided a good role model to other children in their class. They have worked hard to improve their ability in athletic activities and if they don't excel in PE, they have worked hard to improve. They have been active during break and lunch times and often take part in physical activities outside of school. They are always enthusiastic about PE lessons and they are able to discuss their understanding of how to be healthy. Many of these children often describe how they have eaten a healthy lunch and have explained why this is important. Some of our winners have worked hard to help others enjoy good health; especially helping others to be happy and enjoy good mental health. They have also supported others during PE and PSHE lessons. Some of our award winners make sure they walk or cycle to school for the majority of the time.
The winners of the Diversity Champion award have shown they are always respectful of others. They understand that we are all unique and they respect the differences between us. Some of these award winners have been learning about inequality during their themes this term and were outraged that in history, people have been treated differently due to their race, gender, colour or beliefs. They have demonstrated that we need to learn from history to create a fairer world. Our award winners listen to others, respect their opinions, treat others fairly and help others to treat people fairly. They believe that our school and our community should be made up of people (or elves) with many differences!
The winners of the Safety Champion award have shown that they can keep themselves and others safe. Their teachers report that they are sensible during fire drills, have encouraged others to behave safely and have issued constant reminders about hand sanitiser and social distancing. They have demonstrated that they know how to stay safe online and have discussed the right choices that they make when online. They have shared this information with their friends, encouraging them to be responsible, and have alerted adults to when there may be an unsafe behaviour occurring.

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