Belonging Wall of Champions

Winners of the Community Champion award have been described as being polite and respectful to all members of our school community. They have joined in with enthusiasm this term and they worked well alongside all members of their class. They often volunteer to help out and take responsibility for jobs and tasks in the classroom. They are described as kind, thoughtful and trustworthy.
Winners of the Relationships Champion award have spent the term being a good friend to their classmates. They are all described as extremely kind and they often spot when someone else is in need of a good friend. They have worked hard to make sure that their classmates are happy and feel good about themselves. Other children often seek them out for their support. One of our winners was described as 'a perfect friend who never lets you down' and staff agree that this would apply to all our winners. They have welcomed new children into their classes and helped them to settle in. They have dealt well with playground squabbles and have resolved conflicts appropriately, understanding that they will have to deal with disputes with others sometimes. They are described as being 'always there for everyone'.

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