Coping Wall of Champions

The winners of the Bravery Champion award have proven this term that they are up for a challenge. Their teachers report that they will have a go at anything and are able to cope well when things don't go to plan. They have conquered some of their fears this term and are enjoying new experiences more. Some of these children are coping with illness in their families or themselves, spider phobias or trying to overcome a challenge in their learning. Their teachers report that they never complain, instead showing determination and grit!
Winners of the Positivity Champion award have shown that they can bounce back quickly from any disappointment. They are popular with the other children in school, who enjoy being around them and they cheer up other people when they see that someone is down. They have been celebrating the success of their classmates this term, especially if they spot that someone has had to work hard to overcome a difficulty. These children always look on the bright side and have been described as adaptable and flexible. Their teachers describe them as always happy and smiling!

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