French at The Grange

Why learn a foreign language?

  • Young children are very enthusiastic and love learning foreign languages. They find it fun and they enjoy discovering new worlds and new ways of saying things.
  •          Even an hour per week has the potential to awaken a lifelong interest in foreign languages.
  •          Learning a language enriches and enhances children’s mental development by increasing critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility.
  •          Language learning develops self-confidence and self-esteem as children learn how to say something in a foreign language and are able to participate in simple role plays.
  •          It improves children’s understanding of English in terms of grammatical concepts.
  •          Language learning broadens children’s horizons and helps children appreciate other cultures.
  •          It encourages positive attitudes to foreign languages and future language learning at secondary level.

In line with the foreign languages Programme of Study, the children cover all four strands of language learning with a specialist language teacher  :  listening, speaking, reading and writing.  They learn how to speak in sentences with appropriate pronunciation, express simple ideas with clarity, write phrases and short sentences from a model (and memory) and develop an understanding of basic grammar.  

Repetition and practice are key to successful language learning so all year groups enjoy playing games, taking part in fun activities and listening to simple French stories to help them remember.

Y3        Greetings and introductions, colours, numbers, an introduction to food and fruit

Y4        Our classroom, days of the week, months of the year, birthdays, pets

Y5        Where we live, weather, higher numbers, more food and drink and how to order in a café

Y6        The French alphabet, my favourite sports, my family, shops, my town and directions 

            Year 6 includes a residential visit to France.     

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