Review of the Behaviour Policy 11/6/2019

We regularly review our policies to ensure that we are offering your children the very best education we can. We know that children in our school behave well, as we are often complimented on this. We have recently reviewed our Behaviour Policy and have consulted with your children on this. Children have had the opportunity to tell us what they think and how we should categorise different behaviours. They have also had some input into the consequences of each of these behaviours.

Attached to this email is our new Behaviour Policy, for your information. Our Behaviour Lead, Mrs Kirsty Elliott has worked alongside staff and children to streamline and simplify our behaviour management systems in school. We wanted to ensure that we have absolute consistency across school and that any adult can recognise appropriate behaviour, reward exceptional behaviour and ensure that there are consequences to inappropriate behaviour choices. We want to ensure that all behaviours are dealt with in the same way by all members of staff.

The policy explains our 5 point scale system, where behaviours are categorised within a 5 point scale. Some behaviours are expected and will be recognised. Children who behave consistently well and demonstrate expected behaviours will be recognised for this. Some behaviours are inappropriate and will be dealt with by school staff. Alongside these behaviours, are corresponding consequences - also on a 5 point scale. There are a range of consequences for each level on the scale, including both sanctions and support. We are very clear that any child making inappropriate behaviour choices should be supported to modify their behaviour. These scales will form the core of our new policy and procedures.

In addition, we have reviewed the system whereby children can be sent to see myself or Elaine Wagg at 3pm each day. Each class can nominate a Superhero - a child who has excelled and gone beyond the expected on that particular day. We look forward to celebrating with our superheroes.

Please take your time to familiarise yourself with this policy and please do not hesitate to contact myself ( or Kirsty ( should you have any questions.

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