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The Reading award goes to children who show resilience in reading. They may excel or they find reading more challenging, but they work hard to make improvements to their work. They understand that reading can be for pleasure and share their love of books with others.
The Maths award goes to children who show resilience in maths. They may, or may not excel, but their mathematical knowledge and understanding is improving. They understand that maths should be learned in different ways, including through the use of practical equipment. They enjoy maths and they like to encourage others to enjoy maths too!
The Aspiration award goes to children who know what they want from life. They have identified goals for themselves and they know what they need to achieve their aims.
The Engagement award goes to children who make the most of every opportunity. They make a positive contribution to their class and our school. They participate enthusiastically in a range of activities and always demonstrate a positive attitude towards their school life.

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