Learning Wall of Champions

The winners of the Reading Champion award have demonstrated an excellent attitude towards reading this term. Their dedication has led to them all making excellent progress and their teachers describe how they all love books. They all read for pleasure and often read lots at home, as well as in school. They love to quiz on Accelerated Reader and all of them have improved their reading age this term. They love to talk about books they have read and they are described as being desperate for the next installment of their class stories. Their teachers tell us that these children are often 'caught reading' whenever they feel they can fit in another couple of pages of their book!
The winners of the Maths Champion award have all shown a great improvement in maths this term. They have worked hard to learn new concepts and have developed their understanding. Some of them possess excellent mathematical memories and can demonstrate mathematical fluency. Others have worked hard to more confidently apply what they know when solving mathematical problems. These children have been happy to use practical equipment in maths, knowing that it helps them to really understand mathematical concepts.These children understand that learning should be challenging and they love to tackle new mathematical ideas. They are not frightened of getting it wrong!
Winners of the Aspiration Champion award have worked hard this term to reach their goals. They have set themselves both short-term and long-term goals and have found out what they need to do to achieve their goals. They have researched the things they are interested in and have worked hard to givethemselves the best chance in life. Amongst our winners there are future scientists, a chef, a paleontologist, a policeman, an actress and an Oxford scholar who dreams of ultimately becoming a research scientist. They are proud of their ambitions and speak confidently about their dreams and hopes for all the things they want to experience in their lives.
The winners of the Engagement Champion award have shown that they want to experience everything school can offer. They always work hard and participate fully in activities, both in school and outside of school. They are described as always giving 100% to a task and one actually jumped for joy when she discovered she would be able to play the recorder! Their teachers often describe their enthusiasm as being contagious and describe a real thirst for knowledge amongst many of these pupils. These pupils have been described as 'a pleasure to teach'.

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