Our Values

Our Ethos and Values

The Grange is an inclusive school where all pupils are treated equally. Staff are trained to enable them to support children with specific needs and steps are taken as when necessary to ensure equality of opportunities for all pupils. Like you, we have high aspirations for our pupils. Our aim is to promote in the children the right attitudes to one another, to all members of the wider community, towards their work and towards their environment. We believe that we promote and expect all members of our school community to demonstrate the fundamental British values. We actively teach the children about these. 

We are a values based school. We have adopted the Premier League Primary Stars Values and all community members are expected to exemplify these values at all times. Our values are clearly communicated to all members of our community and everyone understands how we live according to our values:


Be Connected

Be Fair

Be Ambitious

Be Inspired & Inspiring


We have high expectations of our children both academically and socially. We are a lively, exciting and well-resourced school with a caring ethos. Staff and governors are committed to giving their best to benefit the children and their development.

We offer a wide range of experiences and opportunities to the children both during the working day and after school. In return we expect the children to work very hard and always give their best. The children at The Grange School are hard working, well behaved and polite and a delight to work with.

We believe the best form of discipline is self-discipline. Each member of the school community is expected to relate to others in a respectful, responsible, understanding and sympathetic manner. Each person has the right to feel valued, safe and secure. We seek to recognise and praise positive behaviour and achievement and will not tolerate behaviour which is threatening, harmful or disruptive to others or to our environment.

We use a Dojo system to recognise the children that meet our behaviour expectations. Every day, we celebrate children that go over and above - these are our Superheroes. 

In dealing with negative behaviour we have a consistent system of verbal reprimands and formal warnings; sanctions are also applied, i.e. the missing of clubs, trips, playtime, lunchtimes etc. We inform parents at an early stage if a child is behaving badly or producing poor work or demonstrating a lack of effort. We work alongside parents to get a child back on track as quickly as possible.

Pastoral Care

At The Grange School, we work very much as a family. Every child is treated as an important individual and their needs are taken seriously. We are a very caring and supportive school community. Our pastoral care support begins with an induction programme for new children to help them settle quickly, make new friends and to reassure parents. We are most concerned when a child becomes upset, unhappy or stops smiling. We find that most problems can be settled quickly and with sensitivity at class teacher level. We will contact you if we are ever worried about your child and we trust you will contact us if you are ever concerned. The class teachers have the initial responsibility for pastoral care and in the first instance they will deal with questions about your child's welfare and progress. Our children's needs and concerns are important to us. Class teachers are always ready to help or the child can talk confidentially to any other member of staff should the need arise.

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