Random acts of kindness - 9/3/2019

Have you ever spoken to someone and received no reply? Have you ever held a door open for someone and had them pass by without thanking you? Have you ever let someone into the traffic in front of you and not received a wave of thanks?

I know that this will have happened to each and every one of you. It happens to one of us every day. It makes us feel miserable, irritated or annoyed. At that moment, it affects our day.

At Christmas, some of the staff completed their own random acts of kindness advent calendar. We enjoyed completing the tasks each day and showing others kindness. What we realised during December was that it felt great. Even if we received no thanks for our actions, it made us feel good. In fact, the point of it was that we wouldn’t receive thanks but be rewarded simply by knowing that we had been kind.

Research shows that helping others can be beneficial to our own mental health. It can reduce stress, improve our emotional wellbeing and even benefit our physical health. Research suggests that kindness and giving act like a natural anti-depressant because they release serotonin in the brain. Serotonin plays an important part in learning, memory, mood, sleep, health and digestion. It provides children (and adults) with a heightened sense of well-being, increases energy and gives wonderful feelings of positivity and self worth.

We displayed our advent calendars around school and the children enjoyed asking us about them and talking to us about the acts of kindness. Some of them joined in with carrying out their own acts of kindness around school. Still, children visit my office sometimes to tell me about how they have spontaneously helped someone in our school community.

As part of our National Curriculum, we teach the children that Christians give something up for lent. We are proud of the range of beliefs and faiths we have in our school community and we celebrate the values that are common to all faiths in our school. We know that kindness is something we all believe in. So we’ve made it a focus for the next month in school.

Some staff have their own acts of kindness charts and these are displayed around school. These are not displayed so that everyone knows we’ve been kind but so that the children will again engage with these. We will, once again, be encouraging the children to engage in random acts of kindness around school. If you’d like to join in, please ask us for a copy of our kindness charts for adults. You can find suggestions for children by clicking on the links below:   
https://www.muminthemadhouse.com/110-acts-of-kindness-for-children/. Please talk to your child about how to safely engage in these random acts of kindness.

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