Recommended Reads at The Grange

Recommended Reads at The Grange
Our Recommended Reads have been especially selected to provide you with a wide range of reading materials. We have selected books from a range of different genres, styles and authors. Read as many of them as you can and you will be widening your range of literature.
You can find a link to a summary and reviews of each book on our RR pages. Follow these links to find other - similar - books you may like to read. 
Some of these books are challenging reads, so it's fine to share these at home with an adult. The important thing is to read lots of different styles of fiction. 

Welcome to your Recommended Reads!

Every year group has had chosen a very special 25 books – just for you!

The challenge is to try and read as many of these as you can throughout the year.

Each book is an Accelerated Reader book so that once you finish you can take a quiz. Children in the Early Years and Year 1 should record when they read the book in their log. Year 2 children will become ready to quiz at different times - please speak to your child's teacher for advice and support on this. 

You need to record when you have read a book – writing the date and your quiz result.

You will be awarded certificates as you read through your book list...

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BRONZE READER = 10 books

SILVER READER = 15 books 

GOLD READER = 20 books

STAR READER = 25 books

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