We're in this together!

Welcome to your go-to guide for (hopefully) everything you need to know to effectively support your child at home.
But first, let's be clear! We don't want you to have to educate your child at home, as we would much rather they were all in school. But, this cannot happen at the moment. It's vital that we all stay home as much as we possibly can. Children who do not need to be in school, should stay at home. This includes the children of critical workers - if you're at home, they should be at home too. This is to keep everyone as safe as possible and reduce transmission of COVID19.
We all want children to continue to learn. But the majority of you are not teachers. You didn't choose to teach and you probably feel ill-equipped to do so. Some of you feel that we ask for too much work each day, while you may feel that we don't set enough work for your child. You may not understand the way in which we organise learning or the ways in which your child learns. You may find yourself saying "It wasn't like this when I was at school!" That's why we're here. We chose to teach and we want to do it. Make no mistake, we are still responsible for teaching your child. All we ask of you is that you help them to get set up for remote learning, make sure they know how to safely contact a member of staff and encourage them to engage. If it becomes a battle - let us know. 
We know that you may have more than one child at home. We know that you may have a household to run, with all that it entails. We know that you may have your own job to complete while you are working from home. We know that it can be frustrating and you may be wondering how you can manage it all. But we're here to help you too. We're listening to your feedback and we're tweaking things to make remote learning as simple as possible for you.  
We've created this section of the website to help you to quickly find the information you may be looking for. You can always message a member of staff via Class Dojo and someone will help you. You're not on your own - just remember that we're all in this together. 

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