Term Dates

 Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child attends school regularly, punctually, properly dressed and in a fit condition to learn.  If a child is prevented for any reason from attending, or is late, parents are requested to notify the school as soon as possible either in writing, which is preferred, or by telephone call.  A pupil’s absence from school must be considered as unauthorised until a satisfactory explanation is forthcoming from the parents.

The Following figures may be of interest to you when looking at your child’s attendance

98-100% = Excellent

95-97% = Good Attendance

90-94% = Below Average Attendance

Below 90% = A Cause for Concern

Below 85% = May Result In Legal Action


We strongly discourage Parents from taking children out of school for holidays during term time, therefor Holidays will not be authorised unless in exceptional circumstances.  

Please note: The school will not set work for children to take with them on term–time holidays.

If after appropriate action, attendance/lateness problems cannot be resolved, the school will request advice from, and the involvement of, the Education Welfare Service.  This may involve home visits.  The Head Teacher is responsible for liaison with the Education Welfare Service.


The Grange School Academic Year 2021-2022
Term 1 Training Day Wednesday 1st September
  Term Starts Thursday 2nd September
  Term Ends Thursday 21st October
  Training Day Friday 22nd October
Term 2 Term Starts Monday 1st November
  Term Ends Thursday 16th December
  Training Day Friday 17th December
Term 3 Training Day Tuesday 4th January
  Term Starts Wednesday 5th January
  Term Ends Friday 11th February
Term 4 Term Starts Monday 21st February
  Term Ends Thursday 31st March
  Training Day Friday 1st April
Term 5 Term Starts Tuesday 19th April
  Term Ends Friday 27th May
Term 6 Term Starts Monday 6th June
  Term Ends Friday 22nd July
 **Please note TRAINING DAYS may vary to other schools.
The Grange School Academic Year 2022-2023
Term 1 Training Day Thursday 1st September
  Training Day Friday 2nd September
  Term Starts Monday 5th September
  Term Ends Friday 21st October
Term 2 Term Starts Monday 31st October
  Term Ends Thursday 15th December
  Training Day Friday 16th December
Term 3 Training Day Tuesday 3rd January
  Term Starts Wednesday 4th January
  Term Ends Friday 10th February
Term 4 Training Day Monday 20th February
  Term Starts Tuesday 21st February
  Term Ends Friday 31st March
Term 5 Term Starts Monday 17th April
  Bank Holiday Monday 1st May
  Term Ends Friday 26th May
Term 6 Term Starts Monday 5th June
  Term Ends Friday 21st July
 **Please note TRAINING DAYS may vary to other schools.

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