The Basics

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The Eco award goes to children who have shown commitment to bringing about change to their local environment. They understand the needs to manage our environments and they take pride in our school. They complete tasks to ensure that our schol is tidy, atractive and stimulating. They also encourage others to join in with them.
Healthy Lifestyle is awarded to children who understand the importance of living a healthy life and demonstrate that they are trying to do so. They recognise the need for excercise and understand how to eat a balanced diet. They also recognise the need for good mental health.
Diversity is awarded to to children who promote equality throughout our school community. They demonstrate the British Values of tolerance and respect, in all they say and do. They celebrate that they are part of a diverse community.
The Safety award is presented to children who demonstrate responsible behaviour in both the physical and virtual worlds. They talk knowledgeably about staying safe and demonstrate this both inside, and out of school.

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