The Point of Play

Handwriting is important. Even in an increasingly technological world, there are still lots of reasons why your child needs to develop fluent, joined handwriting. Even though your child may record in school on an ipad sometimes, the bulk of their work is handwritten. Not just in primary school, but throughout their education. It's important that they learn to write neatly, but quickly, and without it feeling uncomfortable. This is why we teach the children joined-up writing. But, not everyone finds neat handwriting easy - or quick! But there's something you can do to help.
One of our areas to develop is in the children's presentation of their work. Children work each day on improving their handwriting and here's how you can help us to support your child further.
Play is crucial. It develops many, many skills and it helps children to develop the skills needed to pick up and hold a pencil; the skills needed to write fluently. So encourage your children to build, paint, thread, sort and organise. Give them sand or flour or play dough and let them use a range of tools. Find ways in which older children can manipulate small items. Join them in games of Jenga or doing a jigsaw. Ask them to make models from Knex, Lego or Meccano. Encourage them to build models from junk. Let them play with nuts and bolts and paperclips. Every one of these activities (and those pictured in the gallery to the right) will help your child to develop the strength and control they need to write neatly. 

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