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Welcome to The Grange School

We are now part of E-ACT! 

We are delighted to join E-ACT, a large multi academy trust – who has been named MAT of the Year at the MAT Excellence Awards and National School Awards. 

Our E-ACT community includes over 18,000 pupils and 2,500 members of staff across the country. This includes two local academies in Daventry, E-ACT Parker Academy (11-18) and E-ACT DSVL Academy (3-16). This provides us with the opportunity to work together locally to create a seamless journey for our children from primary school right through to 6th form.  

 As an E-ACT academy, we share ideas with other academies in the trust in ways other schools may not be able to. Our pupils and staff also feel part of something much bigger and we look forward to being part of their vision of opening minds, opening doors 







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