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Whether you're already part of our fabulous school community, thinking about joining us or simply visiting, we are delighted to welcome you to our school website. 

 Here at The Grange School, we enjoy every second of our time in school. The dedicated staff team has ensured that the children are engaged in an exciting, fun curriculum that allows them all to reach their true potential. The smiles on the children's faces during their regular WOW experiences are fabulous to see. Seeing your children race across the playground towards us, desperate to tell us what they've been learning, is guaranteed to put a smile on our faces too. We work hard to ensure that we offer a wide range of practical learning experiences, as well as extra-curricular activities, in the Arts, Sport and more diverse pursuits. 

 We pride ourselves that our children are happy, safe and successful in school. We live according to our school values and teach our children to be connected; be fair; be ambitious; be inspired and inspiring. We believe that our values align themselves with the Department for Education's British Values. We encourage our children to explore, reason, question, challenge and reflect. Every one of us feels truly honoured to be part of our fabulous school and we strive to ensure that each and every child achieves his or her potential; that every child dreams, believes and achieves, in all areas of life and always with a huge smile on their faces!         



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