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Here at The Grange School, our vision is clear - we want every every child to dream, believe and achieve.  It is our intention to create academically resilient children, who are equipped to achieve in the face of any and all adversity. During their time with us, your child will explore the best that has been thought and said; bringing about an appreciation of human aspiration, resilience and achievement. 

At The Grange School, we provide an experience-rich curriculum that exploits every opportunity to encourage aspiration. We teach our children about the world, so that they develop a good knowledge of a range of places, alongside an understanding that the world is there to be explored. We also introduce our children to a wide range of inspirational achievers in order to provide them with role models in all areas of their lives. Our extra-curricula offer is rich and varied and we ensure that all children participate. 

We work hard to develop in children the inner confidence and resilience to be happy, safe and successful. We actively teach the children  how to overcome adversity. Personal development is central to our curriculum and we exploit curriculum links to provide our children with examples of how people have overcome adversity throughout history and around the world. We teach our children how to overcome barriers to success and equip them with the skills to actively address inequality. 

We provide our children with the necessary knowledge and skills to be not only successful now, but to be prepared for future academic success. We teach the children to understand the purpose and value of life-long learning In widening the world to our pupils, we also equip them with the knowledge, skills and British values needed to be active citizens who contribute effectively to global, multicultural communities.

We pride ourselves that our children are happy, safe and successful in school.  We encourage our children to explore, reason, question, challenge and reflect. We teach our children to think critically, to solve problems confidently and to express themselves fully. We believe that all children should dream, believe and achieve. 





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